Re: Secondary height


re: Secondary height

I have a 6.0" dia secondary with a 14 turn primary made of 3/8" copper tubing
wound on a 30 degree plastic form.  The first turns on my secondary sit right
down to the level of the first turn of the primary.  I did not realize it
before with lower power levels, but now that I'm trying to put in 3 to 4 kva,
I find that I have the primary/secondary coupled too tightly.  I have a very
strong corona that forms from the top of the secondary down to the top of the
primary.  As I increase power levels, this corona forms streamers and breaks
down.  I have raised the secondary up three to four inches to eliminate this

What diameter is your secondary?  What power levels to you plan to run at?
 If I had to do it over, I would have wound a flat primary.  It would have
been much easier to build and I think it would work better at the higher
power levels.

Ed Sonderman

[My secondary is 4" in diameter, and I plan to run at around 1.8 kva, or
 120 ma -at- 15000 volts
 -- Chip ]