Secondary height

Quoting Chip:

 CA> Just a quick question.  I am starting to work on the primary 
 CA> winding for my new coil.  The primary will have a 30 degree  
 CA> bank on it.  I was wondering how high the secondary should   
 CA> start.  In other words, is there ever a need to lower the    
 CA> start of the secondary windings below the level of the first 
 CA> turns of the primary?

Assuming you are building a six inch diameter coil system (which
seems to be very popular in the group at this time) then you
begin your low power tuning and testing with the bottom turn of
the secondary winding the same height as, or just slightly above,
the first turn on the primary. As you move towards peaking the
coil system out (a-la Ed Sonderman) you will need to loosen the
coupling to prevent from burning the secondary out.

This 30 degree inverted conical section primary couples quite
snugly enough that no lowering of the secondary is required even
at very low power. 

Richard Quick

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