Tesla Ground 1/2

*** July 2, 1995 ***

Some of you may be aware that I am undergoing a lot of major
changes in my life. I got married a couple of months ago, and am
now in the process of building a house in a new development.
Obviously this house, while immanently practical, is not (nor
will it ever be), a true "Tesla" lab with a large Magnifier
tuned for spark. Though I could perhaps have talked the wife into
living in the loft of a commercial building housing a fully
equipped Tesla laboratory under 20 foot ceilings, she wanted a
house... Can you imagine?

However she understands that she will have little use for the
garage and connecting basement of our new home, so more or less
stationary setups of equipment are definately in the picture.
This will be a first for me, and despite the low ceiling height 
I am excited. I am already thinking about coil designs to take
advantage of lateral space.

While the closing day on the house is not until the very end of
the year, the developer is moving full steam ahead to get "under
roof" while the weather is good. I came back to the lot after
several days away and was surprised to see the foundation forms
already removed, and the space around the foundation was half
backfilled in. 

After discussing the importance of Tesla grounds just the other
day I came upon the sad realization that my existing RF ground is
a thing of the past. I grounded to a hydraulic vehicle lift
buried deep in moist clay just feet from a foundation drain. My
connection was made at the lift controls to both a hard copper
pressure pipe and a 3" galvinized hydraulic pipe, both connected
to underground metal holding tanks which is piped to the 14"
diameter by 8' long piston housing. Read, and weep with me. 

For the better part of an hour today I was scrounging for copper.
I came with about 35 pounds of assorted tubing, pipe, and strap.
I also came up with about fifty feet of aluminum flashing. Off
to the new lot!

Richard Quick

... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!