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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> I have my spacers made to raise the secondary and will try   
 ES> it this weekend. I will try 4.0" first.

That should definately relieve the pressure some, if not cure it
altogether. You might try both tapping the primary out, and
raising the secondary, if over-coupling is still a problem.

 ES> If I raised it up a foot, I would expect weak discharges and 
 ES> no visible corona.  

Yes, though you might see a bit of corona as the field flux
contracts and only couples in the bottom third of the secondary

 ES> As I move it closer - what happens?  I would expect to find  
 ES> a point where the discharges are maximum and the corona is   
 ES> still minimal - correct? 

Correct. When you achieve the maximum spark and the minimum
corona, you are "critically coupled".

 ES> And as I move it closer still, I will get more intense       
 ES> corona and shorter discharges?

Yes. As you overcouple the corona loss increases, splitting of
the secondary increases, and spark lengths decrease.

ES Just wondering, I don't have any experience with this.

Sounds as if by the time you read this you will have some pretty
decent experience. Experimentation is the best way to progress.

Richard Quick

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