Re: Tesla Ground

Quoting Ed Sonderman;

 ES> It sounds like you have a good ground system in place. 

Not as good as my old ground, but servicable.

 ES> Is this for your new house?  

Yes it is.

 ES> Are you building a special room - like attached to the
 ES> garage for your coil projects?  

Alas, I wish. My attached room would be 60 x 50 feet with 20 foot
soffits. I have the plans here, the estimated cost exceeds the
building loan on the house... No, I will be coiling in the
basement and garage for a few years yet. Still this will be
better than the time-share arrangement in a shop shared with my
two brothers and my father. My father never could understand that
a pole pig can be safely harnessed for an ideal Tesla power
supply. He would start the get the willy-nillies every time I
started to haul out all the heavy equipment. Of course he still
complains (in a humorous fashion) about all of the fluorescent
fixtures that "mysteriously" failed one weekend when he went out
of town...

 ES> I wish I had one. I have a three car garage but of course it 
 ES> is full.  The ceiling is high enough but the garage door     
 ES> openers would have to go.

Would you believe I have actually heard of people who have space
in their garages. I heard a rumor about one guy who could park
his car in one! A friend of the family actually told me there
were people who had so much space that they rented garage spaces
out! I have never seen any such people, and I remain skeptical. 
I am skeptical about space aliens too, but space aliens have a
greater probability of existence in my opinion than extra garage

Still though, you could possibly farm some stuff out, maybe
exchange locations of some more, and free up some Tesla work
space in the garage with a little more headroom. You have a very
nice 1/4 wave system, but really have only scratched the surface
of really fun and exciting Tesla systems (bi-polar, Magnifier,
bi-phase bi-polar, etc.).

BTW, just a hint to everybody on those ground rods. I have
noticed in our new neighborhood that the foundation backfill dirt
is much better dirt than that which was excavated. Don't drive 
ground rods too close to the foundation, but it seems that within
three to four feet of the foundations here the soil is much

BTW Ed, Did you ever explore wiring in the septic tank to your

Richard Quick

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