READ THIS!!! (Admin)

Greetings all,

I will be leaving on the vacation from hell on Wednesday July 26 and will
be out probably until Aug. 4.  During that time the tesla list will be 
set up so that Steven Roys will be the tesla meister.  You should continue
to post to tesla-at-objinc-dot-com.  I 
will set up things so that mail to here is forwarded to the new location.

What this means to you:  You will be getting mail from a different tesla for
a couple weeks.   When I get back, you will suddenly see postings originating 
from here again.  

I am starting this today so that if there are problems we can work up 
alternatives before I am gone.


P.S.  If the mail flow stops, there may be a problem.  In that case 
contact sroys-at-anchorage.ab.umd.edu.  The goal is, however, to make any
changes as transparent as possible to everyone.