Re: swimming pool ground

Quoting Steve Roys:

 SR> They came, they measured, and they dug a great big mother of 
 SR> a hole in my back yard in about 4 hours!  I spoke to the     
 SR> electrician yesterday and he said that the entire pool       
 SR> (comprising the metal pool wall and the metal walkway        
 SR> supports, the concrete rebar, and the filter pump and        
 SR> light) will all be tied to my house ground.  Does this mean  
 SR> that I will not be able to use the pool as an RF ground
 SR> since it won't be isolated from the rest of the house        
 SR> wiring?  

Can you lay in RF grounding strap into the hole without making a
connection to any of the above? If so, even though you would only
have a few feet of earth separation between your RF ground and
the house ground, this should be adequate.

Another thought: they are tying together one mother of a ground
in your back yard. How much do you want to bet they end up
connecting to the house ground with a single copper wire? 
Would it not be possible to put a disconnect switch in this lead
once the electrician has completed his wiring. Then when you are
ready to fire your coil you turn the power off to the pool,
separate the pool ground from the house ground with the
disconnect switch, and then ground your coil to the pool side of
the disconnect switch. You might talk to the electrician about
using a double heavy ground lead from the pool to the house.

Richard Quick 

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