Thanks for the answers.  A few other questions:  How big should the primary coil
be?  I figure that the inside radius should be big enough to allow the secondary
to fit in it and allow some room to attach to the tail of the secondary coil.
I heard something like the primary should be 3x the diameter of the secondary.
Is that true?
How much space between the secondary and inner turn of the primary?  I guess 
I should just allow 1/4" to 3/8" spacing between turns, calculate the inductance
at about 7 turns, and say, 20 turns and see if it spans the calculated necessary
value for primary inductance and start tuning from there eh?

Also, am I correct in assuming that all the wires in the primary circuit should
be able to carry at least as much current as the primary winding?  I always 
hear about "heavy" wire, but it doesn't make sense to use beefy tubing in the
primary coil if most of the wire in the primary circuit is any smaller 
(higher resistance).