Various: dischargers, cap quality, sources of parts

I THINK i recall one of the C Springs Notes showing a discharger in the form of
a skeleton ball: a ball of conductive tube segments, with the tubes arranged as
lines of Longitude (?), more or less.  I would suspect that the corona might
make this mimic a conducting sphere.  Maybe.  I have seen such an electrode
somewhere.  I believe another electrode used (for the text, from memory) was
a tin foil covered wooded (fram?) ball.  (NB: Aluminum was only JUST getting to
be available...)

Skimming a used book on electrical measurements, i was reminded of a cap
evaluation technique, requiring a scope and a signal source at the freq of
interest.  I can write it up in more detail, especially if there is interest.

Parts in General.  In case there are those who are unfamilar, there are things
called Ham Radio Flea Markets.  Now i am not a ham, but i do go, and one can
luck onto some "good stuff cheap".   There is a list of such published on the
internet, which i can forward to this list IF OF INTEREST.  There are others
published tothe various rec.radio.* groups.  The one i get is biased towards
the east coast, but, ferinstance, the biggest is in Dayton O, late April.