From: mconway-at-deepthnk.kiwi.gen.nz (Mark Conway)

 MC> Thanks for the advice on the capacitors Richard. 
 MC> I've decided to make a flat plate cap like you have described.

A good cap is a combination of material and design. With your 
available materials I feel that the flat plate cap is the best design.

 MC> I'm making my suppression capacitors out of 0.8 mm PVC flexible 
 MC> plate that I bought thinking that it was polyethylene like what 
 MC> you use in your tank circuit caps, it looks just the same except 
 MC> that it is clear-not milky clear. Anyway I'm making 2 miniature
 MC> roll capacitors each of 0.0007 mfd (I will use 5 sheets of pvc for 
 MC> the dielectric in each cap) and will connect one each between the 
 MC> centre tap and the output terminals of 2 15 kV 60 mA neons that I 
 MC> have put in parrallel to provide the juice for my 6 inch coil. 
 MC> I figure that pvc plate suppression caps should dissipate heaps of 
 MC> rf energy.  Hope to be sparking within a few weeks now!     Mark

Now that was using your head! Using the low Q dielectric for bypassing
caps. Are you listening Kristian?

Richard Quick

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