Re: Different Drummers

> I was wandering thru the local HW store.  Noticed some stovepipe,
> including elbows.  Hmmmmmm.  Would they work?

It's amazing at the magnitude of the trouble you can get into at the local 
hardware stores if you're creative.

I have used 3" flexible aluminum dryer duct held together with 
aluminum tape to form toroids for my current coil, and they seem to 
work fine.  I also found 6" duct in the local ACE hardware store 
(although I haven't used it yet, that's going to go on my new 6" coil that 
I'm working on), and Richard Hull wrote that you can get the flexible 
duct in even larger diameters.

Some other ideas from the TCBOR for large discharge terminals are to 
use pool floats (styrofoam rings) or even inner tubes wrapped with foil 
(keep your air pump handy for those!).  In Richard's  "Guide to the 
Colorado Springs Notes", he shows a magnifier using a large air-duct 
cover (like you would find on the tops of large buildings, schools, etc...) 
along with some other aluminum parts as the terminal capacitance.  It's 
smooth, but not even close to toroidal (more like a cylinder).

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)