Re: General questions

>>> Magnet wire:
I get magnet wire from the electric motor shop.  I ask them if they have 
any left over rolls that are paritally used.  They don't have to spool the
wire for me (which saves labor costs), and if I go at noon, I get the guy 
who cuts me a deal :-).  
You may be able to talk someone at an electric motor company into selling
you some wire if you show them pictures.

>>> Transformers:  Try some other shops.  Some will sell them for $10 each.
I think that he is asking too much unless he guarantees them for a reasonable
period of time.  Of course for about two hundred bucks I understand that you
can get pole pigs from The Transformer Bank.  (See Richard Quick's sources
posting a few days ago).  
I got most of my transformers for $10 each.  I got them from a friend who
got them for that, and I ordered some from a guy in the TCBA newsletter.