Te> From: chip (Chip Atkinson)
 Te> To: tesla
 Te> Subject: Isotropic capacitance

 Te> Greetings,

 Te> What exactly is isotropic capacitance?  Is it capacitance    
 Te> for capacitance's sake as opposed to self capacitance?

 Te> Please enlighten me.  Chip

Isotropic: Having properties with the same values along axes in
all directions.

Isotropic Capacitance: Having the same capacitance in like degree
in all directions.

The toriod discharge terminal exhibits a capacitance in relation
to the space around it. This capcitance is exhibted in the same
amount in all directions, though the value of the capacitance can
vary with the introduction of nearby objects or ground. 

Tesla spent a lot of time studying isotropic capacity in relation
to ground in Colorado Springs. He had a separate tower con-
structed at the lab on which he conducted experiments and made
measurements during which he raised and lowered a copper foil
covered sphere. Though Tesla's first recorded use of isotropic
capacity was spheres, and his first recorded use of the toriod
was for the electostatic protection of HV mast at Colorado
Springs; Wardenclyff photos and his wireless power transmission
patents show that he was also the first to use the toroid as an
isotropic capacitance.

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