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Quoting Mark Napier:

 > Richard,
 > I've been getting a lot done the last week or so.  I have one  
 > rolled cap finished, except for the oil.  My secondary is      
 > wound. I got 850 turns on it, and about 5 coats of varnish so  
 > far.  

So far your looking very good!

 > Next major assembly is the primary.  Should the inside radius  
 > be one inch larger than the secondary radius?  Or could it be  
 > larger to accomadate a larger secondary (6" dia) in the        
 > future?

Yes, and yes. The problem here is that there is a big jump
between a four inch coil and a six. I would reco two different
primaries for best performance, but you can trade off and make
one primary serve on two coils. 

 > Is there a problem placing the cap to close to the primary?
 > (induction?) 

There will be some effect from any conductive structure that is
too close to the primary/secondary field flux.

 > Can I use the cap tank as a pedestal for the primary/secondary 
 > assembly? 

You can do this on a small coil, but at higher powers I could see
where a problem or two might develop.

Richard Quick

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