RE: Strikes

> To prevent these sparks from striking essential tank circuit 
> components: proper toriod height adjustments and some strike
> shielding will be necessary. 

Also from R. Hull - you can use small thin copper strap or foil "hills" on 
the toroid to disturb the field and direct the discharges in the direction 
that you want them to go.  It doesn't take much...on Richard Hull's 
10kVA magnifier he was using a few small foil bumps a couple of 
inches long raised about an inch off the toroid in the middle to direct his 
sparks and the sparks were pretty well behaved. When he took them 
off, the discharges started going all over the place!  If you try this and 
the discharge comes off one bump without moving around, make the 
hill smaller.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)