Tesla coil primary power

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Hi All,
       I'm up to the "primary supply" of my tesla coil and i need (some
more :) advice ...

I'm hoping to use a TV Flyback transformer to supply about 80,000V to the
tesla primary coil (rather than use a more expensive
neon-transformer) ...

1) I want to run the Flyback directly from the mains (with a suitable
current limiting resistor, of course), could someone tell me the maximum
number of watts that the Flyback will dissipate
(uncooled) without "melting"??

2) The maximum number of watts that a flyback t/former will handle with
35CFM Air cooling ...

3) I can use a Walton-Cockcroft Voltage Multiplier circuit to boost the
voltage  (instead of a flyback), so I can acheive much higher
through-currents. Is there any way that I can convert the DC-Out of the
multiplier to AC (to drive the primary coil), or is there already enough
ripple in the multiplier output to drive the coil??

4) Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can construct a
reliable primary??

Thanks for ANY advice. . . .


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