Tesla Coils

- Area: Electronics Echo -------------------------------------------------
  Date: 02-09-95  10:32
  From: Ken Stewart                                 
    To: Richard Quick                                         
While on the subject of Jacobs Ladders and Tesla Coils, you have
probably seen a lot of the old "Mad Scientist" movies of the 30's and
40's and maybe some of the Flash Gordon serials where the scientist is
in his lab and has a number of discharge devices.  How many can you
identify?  Did any of them have an actual purpose?

I also remember seeing an old radio "wireless" transmitter where there
was an open spark that varied with the modulation of the voice being
transmitted.  Was this a Tesla device of some sort?  My last request is
that you break down your coil into the separate components, ie. air gap
device, rotary gap device, coil, and toroid and describe what they do
and what their contribution is to the actual operation of the coil.

I hate to inundate you with these questions as I should do the research
myself, but you tend to have good answers that are easily

Regards as always,

Ken Stewart
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