- Area: Personal Notes ----------------------------------------------------
  Date: 02-10-95  23:00
  From: Richard Quick                                
    To: Ryan Jester                                              
  Subj: Tesla Coil...

 RJ> Hello, the information you u/led me has been very useful. 
 RJ> I have one question though, have you built the Tesla coil
 RJ> from the plans called teslabld.exe?  I allready have the
 RJ> PVC, #26 magnet wire and some of the caps and resistors to
 RJ> build it, but is it worth building?
 RJ> I don't want to wrap 1600 turns of that wire on the PVC
 RJ> pipe and have it not perform that well.  Thanks if you
 RJ> have any info!  Ryan Jester

This coil project is not that good if you want lightning. If you are
simply looking for high tension RF to perform simple experiments it
is a good project, but most people want to build "sparkers" which
are good for the ego and impress the friends and family, as well as
all of the before mentioned experiments.
As far as winding the coil... I have never wound a "bad" or "wasted" 
coil: most any coil will find a use in the hands of a serious 
hobbiest, especially if a little care went into the construction.
But, as the "README.TXT" file states... if you want sparks, go with
a neon sign transformer / spark gap / capacitor coil.
Richard Quick

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