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From: lisanap-at-cats.ucsc.edu
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 1995 18:44:19 -0800
To: richard.quick-at-slug-dot-org
Subject: Materials

Hi Richard.  I am having a hard time finding 60 mil polyethylene in the 
desired dimensions.  Around here all I can find are 4'x 8' sheets or rolls
of 100 lbs. which cost $150 or more.  No one that has rolls will sell me
roll off footage.  Any source suggestions?

What kind of clamp are you using on your primary connection?

I got a roll of 22 gauge today, so I will be winding away pretty soon.
If I go 4.5:1 that will be 4"x 18".  One of the calculators gives me
667 turns for 595 KHZ.  With .02uf and 3/8 tubing with 3/8 spacing,
it should tune somewhere between the 5th and 6th turn.  The toriod 
should be big enough to get the freq. down to about 421 KHZ for that to happen.
How big should the toriod be?  The power supply will be 12KV at 120ma.
I've read the notes thru Apr-94. Maybe I just haven't got to that part yet.


Mark R, Napier

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