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 MG> but for the sake of discussion, lets draw 5 series inductors, and 
 MG> from each connecting point between the inductors draw a capacitor 
 MG> to the ground plane, the highest capacitor being from the terminal 
 MG> capacitance to the ground plane...It should be obvious on 
 MG> examination that the inductive reactance will rise as the coil 
 MG> moves farther and farther from the ground end because the 
 MG> inductance is increasing, the same is true with the capacitive 
 MG> reactance because the capacitance to ground is DEcreasing

 NTAC> If I'm picturing this right, with the caps all wired in parallel from
 NTAC> the coil 
 NTAC> to ground, wouldn't this result in an increasing capacitance and a 
 NTAC> corresponding decrease in capacitive reactance to ground as you 
 NTAC> move up the coil and include more parallel capacitors?

 MG> What I'm trying to illustrate is the DE-creasing capacitance to ground
 through the increasing distance to the ground plane. I don't have my original 
 reply so I can't re-read it all to see if I could have made an error in the
 way I explained it, but I think the original question was why the current / 
 voltage distribution exists the way it does in a secondary coil, and again
 its because the REACTANCES change with a postion change in the coil, they are
 the lowest at the bottom and the highest at the top, or what I actually
 prefer to call it, the 90 degree point, since it is a electrical point and
 not necesarily a physical point. I think I pointed out that the "value" of
 the capacitors DEcreased as we moved up the coil, which RAISES the capacitive
 reactance, and because of this, the CURRENT flow REDUCES in each advancing
 segment of the coil.

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