Thanks for the feedback, Richard.

I suppose that what I was really interested in was whether or not anybody is
working on the mathematical modeling of Tesla coils, especially the secondary
itself. I know you guys have a lot of experience in picking optimal parameters
for coils such as:

Coils should have aspect ratios of 3/1 or perhaps 5/1 (L/D)

Coils should be tight wound (none of the "double-spacing" with fishing line as
recommened in some old designs.

Coils should have roughly 1000 turns (is this correct?)


I'm interested in accurate math models which can predict this behavior. Perhaps
the models could then be used to point to improved designs....?

Anyone else interested in this subject? I'd be interested in a collaboration.

Personally, I've never come across any serious mathematical attacks on Tesla
coil design. The most I've seen is some work on helical antennas which is only
semi-applicable to real Tesla coils...


BTW, I've collected some nice hardward (eg. 8KW transformer) for building a big
coil, but I've got nowhere to put such a thing -anyone here in the Columbus
area got a barn? :-)