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> Seems like the topic if rotary's has become more popular
> lately.  I'm wondering who is buying and who is building
> out here?  I don't have the resources to build my own and
> only know of one source to buy one (Ed Wingate).  Anyone
> else that is planning to buy theirs have other sources?

> Resonance Research Corp. RTE. 1, Shadylane Rd. Baraboo, WI
> 53913 USA, Tel: 608-356-3647
This is D.C. Cox's company; sources say he sells rotary gaps.

> Tesla Technology Research, 2527 Treelane Ave, Monrovia, CA
> 91016 USA
Bill Wysock is a well known, respected coiler. My sources say he
sells rotary gaps.

No matter where you go you are going to pay through the nose. My
advice is don't. Build your own, while it is a mechanical
project, they are not really that difficult if you use a "hot"
rotor and a belt drive.

Richard Quick

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