Richard Quick's Tape


I can't believe you asked Richard Quick ( and posted it ) to send the tape first and if you like 
it, you would pay him.  He is not making any profit from that.  It takes more of his effort than 
$10.  I personally wouldn't even put a tape in my machine for someone I didn't know for $10.  He 
is doing us all a favor to provide the recording for $10.

Let me describe the tape in more detail for you, since I have a copy.  The first 1/3 or so goes 
through his set-up.  This includes looking into his cabinet, seeing his filter circuit, looking 
at the capacitors, etc.  He then goes to firing his 10" coil.  Then it jumps back to looking at 
spark gaps, coupling problems, etc.  It then goes to firing the 10" coil outside in his driveway, 
at high power.  It is an interesting tape that is well worth the price, if you have an interest 
in building classic Tesla coils and/or seeing some larger ones making sparks.

If you wanted to consider it educational, you could ( if you choose ) from the standpoint of 
setting up a practical Tesla coil control cabinet and seeing some Tesla coils being put to their 
practical limits, and one coil's limit being exceeded to failure.  But as Richard points out, the 
tape is intended for demonstration and entertainment.  Tesla coil experimentation must be 
approached with great caution and with supervision from someone experienced in handling high 
potential radio frequency electrical energy for a novice begiing to experiment in this field.  
There is a period of apprenticeship that is involved for someone beginning such a venture.  Any 
attempt to recreate any experiment seen in the tape, or similar experiments, would be so at your 
own risk.

Please, stop squaking over a lousy $10.  It sounds just a little silly.  Just send him the tape a 
$10.  You will not be disappointed.  He is an honest ( and helpful ) man.

Scott Myers