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Has anyone ever had problems with their house wiring when running a
coil?  When I plugged in my coil to do some testing, I noticed a flash in
the corner of my eye.  I quickly unpluged the coil.  I then tried it
again, to find that one of the electrical outlets in my basement was
sparking when I plugged in the coil.  Our house isn't old, so I can't
blame the problem on old house wiring.  It really scared me as I don't
know if the other outlets in the house could have sparked.  Since then,
I haven't fired.  The coil supply is only to 30 ma 15,000 V neons.  One
of them has since died.
 MG> You didn't state if you were using a good line filter on the input
 MG> side of the coil, I assume you are, if not you MUST use one!! Also
 MG> make sure your coil ground is seperate from your house wiring ground,
 MG> do not under any conditions use the house 3td wire ground (green) as
 MG> a coil ground, RF ground and 60hz/DC ground are two different things.
 MG> Make sure your coil secondary is grounded to this ground as well, I've
 MG> seen some articles showing the secondary tied to one side of the neons
 MG> rather than ground, this is a promise of a dead neon as well as kick
 MG> back. I tie the neon center tap/case, safety gap center point, line
 MG> filter, and secondary together and go to a SEPERATE dedicated earth
 MG> ground. I also at your power level would consider getting rid of the
 MG> of the rotary gap, its not needed at that power level and may well
 MG> be hurting the coils performance. I would expect at least a foot spark
 MG> with a 400-500 watt coil.