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Quoting <Esondrmn-at-aol-dot-com> Ed Sonderman:

> I have been doing some thinking and preliminary planning   
> about my next secondary and new primary to go with it.  I 
> believe all of my existing system and equipment will work as 
> is.  All I need to do is replace the primary and secondary with
> a new design.

> I think I will go with a 10" seconday of thin wall pvc, coated
> and sealed like my existing 6" coil.  Do you think I should 
> drop down to 20 guage wire? I haven't checked the wire tables 
> yet for turns per inch numbers.   I would like to get at least
> 900 turns on it.

You get a bit more inductance, an a bit lower frequency by
splitting the difference and using #21 AWG, but #20 AWG will give
you a higher Q factor. You can split hairs here. I got my #21
because there happened to be a large roll and it is an odd size
and so picked it up cheap. Later when I went to wind my 10" coil 
I already the wire in stock, other wise I would have purchased
#20 AWG.

> For the primary I was thinking of winding it flat this time 
> with 1/2" copper tubing with 3/8" clearance between windings. 
> I will design it for 14 to 15 turns.   The inside diameter of 
> the first winding should be about 12.0" I think.  Does this 
> sound about right?

It sounds very reasonable. If you end up with breakdowns between
the first turn of the primary and the secondary ground you can
always patch in some insulating plastic.

Richard Quick

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