Physical paramters of Sloan's base driven helix

Information on Sloan's base driven helices:

The coil:

12 turns (sorry i said 10)
7/8" copper pipe
14" diameter
15" long
resonant freq 6Mhz
Output: 800kV -at-10ma for 30kW (ave) input

	Again as Richard said:
	Coil is contained inside a coppper lined steel
	vacuum tank 1meter  (approx) dia and 1m high
	pumped to a pressure of less than .01millitorr 

The ouput voltage was determined from the X-rays generated
by using absorbtion curves of X-rays in lead. The electron
energy and therefore the accelerating voltage could therefore be
determined. Using this method, he claims 800kV ouput with
up to 10ma of current. At current of 10ma or higher, however,
the X-ray target is evaporated away! The average input power to achieve
800kV(10ma) was 30kW (26% efficency) with a peak power of 200kW.

Homemade vacuum tubes:
Output power: up to 300kW (peak)
Plate Voltage: 15kV AC
Filament temp: up to 2700Kelvin

Plate: 6" diameter water cooled copper(pipe? 14" long)
Grid: water cooled copper helix 14" long
Filaments/Cathode: 12 each .05" tungsten wires 14" long

Continously pumped to .01millitorr with 100liter/sec diff pump
(this is not a very high vacuum!)

-Ed Harris