Re: Sparking behavior and a magnifier question


Your diagram below is a little misleading.  Notice I said NEAR 2f for 
the secondary, and at the Q's these circuits operate at, a miss is as 
good as a mile.  The secondary is un-tuned and acts as a step-up 
transformer without benefit of resonant rise.  As far as impedance 
matching goes, I suggest you read the theory chapters in _The Radio 
Amateur's Handbook_ for easy to understand explanations of that and 
related topics.



You wrote: 
>If the primary and extra coil oscillate at f, then the secondary 
>be quarter wave reseonant at a substantially higher frequency near BUT 

>NOT EXACTLY EQUAL to 2f.  You do not want resonance effects from the 
>secondary, only transformer action.
>Hmmmm... Now I'm a little confused.  Is the extra coil the base fed 
>coil that is producing the sparks?  That means to me that we have a 
>like this:
>  f================>2f===============>f
>Tank circuit      driver coil        Final, sparking, extra(?) coil.
>                  coupled to 
>                  tank circuit