Re: Primary Q's and Spark Gaps (and magic formula)

     re this...
> What do mean here by "hump" phenomena?

This is precisely what I see coming from the secondary when I single
shot the coil. As I said before, it is almost exactly like a DSBSC
moodulation waveform (time domain) with the modulating signal being
an exponentially decaying sinewave.

> By 
> shorting the spark gap and using a signal generator on the primary, the 
> two freqs are readily observed on the secondary, and from their split, 
> K can be calculated directly...

Yep that's right. But you are tuning in each at a time doing this. 
Until I finally decided to try operating the scope in the same room 
as the coil (under power), that's all I was doing too.
(as an aside, you don't get the true primary Q doing this as of 
course you know)

It's obvious that what I'm seeing is the trade of energy between the
primary and secondary. I liked your analogy. Thanks for the formulae.
I've not seen those ones before. It's obvious you have access to 
references that I don't.