Non Tar Neon's

 * Carbons Sent to: rmr-at-hopper.unh.edu

Quoting Ryan Ruel <rmr-at-hopper.unh.edu>:

> I recently unpacked a Transco neon sign transformer (15 kv, 30 ma) to 
> find that there was no tar in it.  It is instead filled with some sort
> of  plastic/resin.   This stuff is extremely hard and I have had little
> luck  with a hack saw.  Anybody know how to get rid of this stuff?

There is a new type of neon potting that has emerged recently. 
This new potting is a cream colored opaque polymer of some type.
It is not affected by the solvents normally used to unpot neon
cores. It is recommended that this material be removed by the 
"cold-cook" method. Freezing makes the material very brittle and 
it will chip away easily, the warm core will allow the polymer
to release from the windings without too much difficulty.

Richard Quick
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