I have read a lot about safety and T-coils lately.  I like the idea of a 
High Voltage Safety FAQ.  I also have questions about how safe it is to 
run a T-coil in a basement.  With proper grounding, it should be safe.  I 
always try to unplug equiptment (TV's, stereo's, computers) before 
firing, but what about those things that I can't unplug?  For example, my 
coil is placed about ten feet away from an oil burner.  I shut the 
breaker to the boiler before using the coil.  About a month ago, the 
electric control box on the boiler failed.  It costs $200 to replace, and 
I wonder if I contributed to its demise.  Granted, it was 20 years old 
and I haven't even fired that day.  What are the dangers of indirect 
(unplugged, non-connected stuff) exposure to T-coils?  Is it possible to 
damage equiptment in my home through overhead telephone and cable wires?

As soon as the weather warms up, I'll lug the equiptment out of the 
basement.  Right now, the coil is only 400-500 watts, hopefully by spring 
I'll be firing at higher power levels (outdoors).

I realise that the primary circuit on any coil is the most dangerous 
part.  What about the secondary?  I understand that the output of a well 
tuned coil is less dangerous than that of a poorly tuned coil.  How do 
you know if its well tuned, is that the same as observing for corona 
increase?  Has anyone ever tried to connect themselves to the coil, to do 
what Tesla did (sparks out the fingertips and hair).  I saw this 
performed on T.V., but don't dare to do it on my own!

Happy New Year everyone!