Carter Motor from C & H

Richard Quick sent a post out recently concerning a motor from C & H that could be used on a 
rotary gap.  I have a little news about it.

The part number from C & H is DCM9401.  I noted when I received mine that it was stamped 
115 volts AC/DC.  I called the Carter Motor Company on this.

This motor can be used with either AC or DC, there is no need to rectify .  If you don't rectify, 
you will lose a little motor efficiency, that is all.  Considering the low torque that a rotary 
requires, it shouldn't matter to a coiler in the least that some efficiency is lost.  So, if you 
order one of these motors, you may not want to bother with the rectifiers.

If someone knows of a reason to rectify that the manufacturer is not aware of, please drop me a 

Scott Myers