I have read the guide to getting neon power supplies for free.  I tried 
to call the local neon shops, (there's only two within an hour of me), 
and received response from only one of them.  I bought two 15 kv, 30 ma 
units from a repair man for $30 a piece.  He has more, but I will have to 
pay for them.  My problem is that one of them has burned out.  I unpotted 
it, and it worked for a while.  I then ran my coil a bit, and one of the 
windings burned (I mean FLAMES!).  It's now pretty much dead.  I still 
have one transformer left, which I have since had to modify to keep it 
working.  Does anybody have some neons (working units are preferred) that 
they would like to part with.  I'm not sure what current shipping rates 
are, but they are so heavy that it may be wise to buy them locally for 25 
to 30 dollars rather than have them shipped.  Any help would be greatly 

P.S.:  Once I get my coil working, I think I'll start working on a Van 
DeGraaf Generator.  Can a neon be used for the power supply directly?  
Any suggestions for a belt?  I have seen them in edmund scientific as 
replacements for there $300 unit.  Thanx again!