Re: Scoping of Secondaries

Steven and others,

You can lower the output impedance of a signal generator considerably 
by winding an output transformer.  I used a 1" pot-core and wound a 
600ohm to 10ohm transformer that I use on the output of an HP200-CD sig 
gen.  The lowering of output voltage on this type of generator is not a 
problem since they put out plenty.



>This raises some other questions.  I'm assuming that a signal 
>generator with an even lower impedence would give an even more 
>accurate value for Q, but since I have what I have, is there any way 
>compensate for this resistance?  Also, rather than just believing the 
>label that says 75 ohms by the output jack, what can I do to confirm 
>compute the actual impedence of my signal generator?  Would I be 
>able to measure the open circuit voltage and the short circuit current 
>say, 60Hz) and use these values to calculate the internal resistance, 
>is there something more complicated involved?