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> Richard:

> This is probably a silly question, but here goes.  In
> the process of following your advice about "ahead and bust the
> insulators to du st with a hammer" I found that at the very 
> first stroke of the hammer I had a nice clean hole, with the 
> remains of the HV lead poking out of the tar.  Hooking the 
> transformer up I found that this was a perfectly good lead to 
> that end of the winding.  Now, here is the question.  If I 
> drill some small holes in the case in the vicinity of the 
> remains of the insulator (all inside now), with the idea of 
> attaching another plastic insulator with sheet metal screws, 
> how far do I dare drill into the case without hitting something
> vital or else providing a path for an eventual short to the 
> windings?  1/2"? 1/4"?  

You can go in a full inch, but you could also glue the insultor
to the outside of the case.

Richard Quick

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