Rotary Gap Motors

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I know with the large capacitor order that recently went out, and
with the number of pole pigs that will soon be going into
service, people will soon turn to thinking about that impending
rotary gap project.

I happened to be perusing my Fall 1995, C & H Surplus Catalog.
They have some nice high speed DC motors that are ideal for
variable speed rotary gaps.

The motor that caught my eye is a 1 HP Carter, 10,000 RPM, 115
volts -at- 10 amps. The price is $50.00

This appears to be a quality unit: variable speed, continous
duty, series wound, ball bearings, CCW rotation. Shaft is 9/16"
diam. x 1-3/16" long.       Stock #DCM9401

Contact: C & H Sales Co., 2179 E COLORADO BLVD, PO BOX 5356,
PASADENA  CA 91117-9988  USA  Fax: 818-796-4875
Tel: 800-325-9465 Tel: 213-681-4925, Tel: 818-796-2628

This motor would require a moderately sized variac and a heavy
duty full wave bridge rectifier for the control circuits. If you
shop around you can get a used 10 amp variac in the surplus
market for between $30-$50. C & H has an appropriate rectifier,
Stock #PD9552, 600 V 25 amps for $3.95.

Now all we need is someone to come up with a machinist who would
turn us a bunch of rotors cheap...

Richard Quick

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