Re: magnetic quenching & Body-discharges

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995 tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:
> How about (instead of expensive permanent magnets) if one were to use
> a coil and iron-core to create a magnetic field - by, for example, leaving

Thats exactly what I thought. Making a device like that can have
more powerfull magnetic field than most of us can afford with
permanent magnets. It will be more compact too!

> magnetic fields (especially with LN2 immersed coils:) as the current
> could be made to be high.. Any ideas why not? :) Of course, the

I can think of non. However, remember that if one wants to have constant
field the current needs to be dc. However, I can already figure one
wanting a pulsed field. Just imagine a very conducting gap which can
be quentched in a controlled way! As the duty cycle is pretty low
the power consuption of magnets will be low too. They can also be made
a lot more smaller than continuously working ones.

One idea might be something like this: detect the light from the gap
and after a fixed period quench it. Perhaps I should construct such
a device just to try it out. It might be quite a performer too! The
adjustability of pulse lenght might be nice to try out too.

Enybody tried such devices already?

> idea is quite impractical because if adds a great deal of
> complexity to the design but it might be quite a performer with,

A couple of coils and pieces of core is not too complex to make.

> Ideas? (Design simplified, dimensions not correct)

Yap. If you want good magnetic flux the coils should be close to the
gap, not at the other end of the C-core like you describe.

> (Of course, I'm propably just plain paranoid)

At high power high voltage devices it is safe to be paranoid. :)
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