Re: Current-limiting with an arc-welder...

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>Hi all,
>About to fire-up in a couple of weeks! I'm only waiting for the capacitor
>from Scott Meyers (applause :)
>I finally got an arc-welder to use as a current-regulator and was just
>curious about how to hook it up. I'm guessing that it's in series with
>one side of the supply-line, but it's so much easier to just ask, isn't it.
>Anyway, as always, all help is greatly appreciated
>Hope everyone has a great holiday!
>Dan  <klineda-at-univscvm.csd.sc.edu>


I have my welder (primary) connected in series with the Powerstat (variac).
 The welder cables (secondary) should be plugged in and shorted together.  I
also have 6000 watts of oven elements in parallel with the welder.

Ed Sonderman