>There are hazards to operating a T-coil and pointing out the 
>potential dangers is probably the best way to keep people healthy.
>I do appreciate your concern and have an open mind to hearing
>what other people think.  I have never put a geiger counter to a T-coil
>before and could be interesting to see if there is an indication
>of particulate emission.

	Usual caveat:
	Da geiger counter can give false indications (like most any other
	device more sophisticated than a light bulb....) in the high fields
	around an operating coil.  Its got amplifiers, which are subject to
	"spoofing" by the fields.  So any indication should be backed up with
	other tests.  "electrometer" style indicators (either reed/dosimeter
	or the meter style are somewhat subject to the same spoofing.  A
	film badge, but that needs controlled processing and interpretation
	to be meaningfull...