Re: Primary Q's and Spark Gaps

Re: Gap resistance
	I'm not sure that it isn't possible to reduce the resistance
of the gap by using large, closely-spaced electrodes.  I have an
AMRAD quenched gap from spark coil days which has electrodes
spaced about 0.010" and of 1-1/4" diameter.  A great deal of efford
effort! was put into keeping the faces parallel.  The whole gap
is made up of 22 sections in series.  From examining the faces of
the electrodes after they have been cleaned and run a while I 
suspect the discharge is of reasonably large area.  Don't know,
though.  Anyhow, the quenching is supposed to come from the large
area and short spacing.  I guess one way to estimate the resistance
would be to run the primary and gap without the secondary in place,
and observe the waveform on a scope.  I guess I am really almost
set up to do that, and should do it and report.
Ed Phillips