Re: Tesla Schematic

     Hi All, with reference to Richards posting on 26/08 showing the Tesla 
     coil Schematic LC oscillator. I have a question which will no doubt 
     display my horrendous ignorance.
     What is the difference between the LC oscillator circuit with the 
     spark gap connected across the transformer secondary and the LC 
     oscillator with the capacitor connected across the secondary ??
     Which one works better , if any?
     By the way, I have recieved my stainless torus which is actually 12.5" 
     OD and 5.5" ID made from 3" pipe. It looks fantastic, I must grind 
     down the welds and shotblast the thing, then I am ready to test in 
     conjunction with my new secondary (15" x 3" Dia wound with 0.4mm 
     enamelled wire and 3 coats of PU varnish) and my professional spark 
     gap assembly  (3 series gaps using carbon 1" diameter rods)
     More power Igor!
     Steve Crawshaw
     0181 2252378