Pole pigs

Quoting Chip

 > I was going through the archives to find out about pole pigs   
 > and noticed that the secondary voltage was given as 11-14kV.   
 > Is this high enough?  I recall Richard Quick uses one with     
 > about 22kV.  

Don't go any lower than 12 kv. The 14.4 kv units are common and
work well; Ed Sonderman is using one. I deliberately went as high
as I felt I could reasonably and safely go when I purchased my 10
kVA 22890 volt pig. I was very pleased when the anticipated
transformer voltage was perfect in the designed application, but
I could not have handled another couple thousand volts on my
large primary without the space between turns constantly breaking
down. With ballasting the actual output is about 20kv.

20kv is the maximum a pair of series wired homemade poly caps (60
mil dielectric) will withstand reliably, so I can use the pig on
smaller coils as well.

 > I would like to know this so that I can relay the information  
 > to my wife who is thinking of getting me an "interesting"      
 > birthday present.

Hey that's alright!

Richard Quick
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