Bigger and better

I have been following the group for about a year now.
Recently completed a 70kv auto ignition driven coil.
It works well and i have learned quite a bit trying different
configurations with it and by following this group.
Well, now its time to move on....
I have been given a 15kv -at- 1ma neon.  Is this any good
for making a move up?  I see most neon drivers talked about
are in the 7.5kv -at- 30 to 60ma range.
If it is not good, I'm thinking about getting it over with and
going to a small pole type.  I guess my question is, am I biting
off more than can be reasonable chewed by a beginner?  I do have
a strong electrical background and have followed how to throttle
down a larger driving transformer but still feel kind of leery.
Can't see wasting money on a larger neon if I can do the same 
with a small pole type now and still have the power available to
grow in the future.

Open for thoughts,