Circuit Breakers, more

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Thanks for the input on the breaker types and designs.

 dwp> Analogy: Ever see a big draft horse pulling?  One of the
 dwp> Budwieser Clydsdales? THAT is a Horsepower.  756 watts is a
 dwp> horsepower.  Every 756 watts in a coil is ONE CLYDESDALE,
 dwp> running around the lab.  If it gets loose....

My temporary appartment here in St. Louis is five blocks from the
A-B world headquarters. I am a regular on the brewery tour (at
the end it's 15 min in the "hospitality suite" and all the free
beer you can drink). The stables are on the tour.

As you said, this shows exactly why I was concerned when the
breakers weren't tripping. All safety equipment must be in place
and operational.

So what about fuses?

Richard Quick

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