Ground rods

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I think perhaps I have discovered a method to drive my remaining ground rods
in.  I believe one of the local rental agencies rents a 3/4" electric impact
hammer that would do the job.  I rented an electric jack hammer several years
ago to chip rock to install a water line.  The same tool should work with a
hollow socket on the end to hold the ground rod.

I reread Henry Transtroms book again last night.  It is a good basic
electricity book although some of the terms are outdated.  I understand the
concept of making an inductor with a variable iron core but I haven't came up
with a design to solve the mechanical problems.  The core needs to slide
easily in and out of the inductor with low friction and without wearing out
the coil form (ie don't use cardboard).  For my use, the form could probably
be a plastic pipe.  A square form might be better although more difficult to
wind.  I would need to come up with some mechanism to move the core in and
out with some precision.  The coil would need to be fixtured in some kind of
frame and maybe use a lead screw attached to the core passing through a fixed
threaded piece and put a handle on the end?  I'm not at all sure of the
values yet or the size of the core needed or where I would get the core.  I
do have access to old transformers out of 36v 25A battery chargers but I
don't think the core pieces would be long enough.  Do you know anyone who has
built such a device?

Ed Sonderman