Re: Re: Carts

Hi Ed,

Ed>I don't know what voltage transformer you are using, but I had both of my
>capacitors fail when using them with 12kv neon sign transformers.  Are you
>planning to use them in series/parallel?  I would recommend that.  I think
>they will work with a good safety margin up to 15 to 18kv when two are used
>in series.  You should run them for short periods for a few weeks gradually
>increasing the voltage before going to full voltage.

I have two 15kv 60 mA neon transformers that I will be using to power the
beast. I plan to use my caps in series/parallel arrangement- I just hope like
heck that they dont blow. I made the caps using 1.5 mm (60 mil) thick
polyethylene so technically they should be good for the voltage.

 Thanks for the advice on running them in gently - I will definitely do this.
BTW- how did you blow your caps? I know you were trying to max out your coil-
do you reckon that you set your spark gaps too wide? Was it the same thing
when your neons blew as well ( I sure dont want to blow my neons either- I
couldnt find any old ones around so I bought 2 brand new imported Italian
neons - they cost me about $150 US for the pair!)

Ed>I use the same circuit you are describing - with the gap across the high
>voltage line and the capacitor in series with the primary.  I have had my
>safety gap fire at least a couple of times and would not personally run
>without it.

Ok I will definitely be keeping the safety gap.

Well things are finally starting to come together now- hopefully I will be
producing spark (and not smoke from my caps or neon) in about a week or 2.
(BTW Ed, I have to admit I am really impressed with how fast you have been in
making your Tesla coils- I still remember your first post from when you were
just starting to make your first Quick assisted neon power coil, and just a
few months later you are using pigs to power them!

Best Regards,


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