Pole pig

Quoting Alan.Jones-at-kaboodle.is-dot-net (Alan Jones): 

 > My family is starting to think I'm kinda crazy and all I'm     
 > using is a very small neon transformer. They would think I had 
 > flipped if I dragged up a pole pig :-)

He He He... Some of you out there have heard this one before:

Bring the pig home. Paint it white. Put fake rabbit ears over the
high-voltage bushings and paint a pink nose on the front of the
can. Then proudly announce to your family that you scavenged the
PERFECT lawn decoration for Easter....

 RQ> Hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free   
 RQ> to ask.

 > Helps a lot. Thanks, Richard. And I got a million questions,   
 > you may get tired of answering them, though.

Most of the stuff has been answered many times already. I save
the stuff to disk and then cut and paste the answers together.
It really is no big deal and I am pretty quick at it.

Richard Quick

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