Jefferson Electric

It appears that Jefferson Electric of Elk Grove, Il has
been bought out by a company called Magnatec (<- correct
spelling?).  I called the Elk Grove office to possibly
set a time to stop by and sift through the pile of scrap
neon transformers and the lady said they don't do lighting
products out of that office anymore.  I have spent the last
hour and a half trying to track down the "proper" person who
has knowledge of whats going on.  I have called Reading, Pa,
St. Louis, Mo, Milwalkee, Wi, and Nashville, offices for
Magnatec.  Nashville is where I will leave off for today due to
the person I am being told is the correct person to talk to is
not in today.

Sorry if my note here rambles. My mind is mush about now.
I'll let you know what I find out.