Re: Tesla Schematic

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 > What is the difference between the LC oscillator circuit with the
 > spark gap connected across the transformer secondary and the LC 
 > oscillator with the capacitor connected across the secondary ??

 > Which one works better , if any?

Well the first circuit has the gap across the line and the second 
has the cap across the line :-) That really is the only difference.
Both circuits work. The first circuit is a little easier on power
supply. NOTE: there are many other configurations that also work.
Tesla at one time or another showed every possible configuration of
LC oscillators.

 > By the way, I have recieved my stainless torus which is actually
 > 12.5"  OD and 5.5" ID made from 3" pipe. It looks fantastic, I
 > must grind  down the welds and shotblast the thing, then I am
 > ready to test in  conjunction with my new secondary (15" x 3" Dia
 > wound with 0.4mm  enamelled wire and 3 coats of PU varnish) and my
 > professional spark  gap assembly  (3 series gaps using carbon 1"
 > diameter rods)       More power Igor!

Sounds like a very nice coil coming up!

Richard Quick

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