Re: status report etc.

On Wed, 30 Aug 1995 14:00:05 +0700 you wrote:

>Any way, my tesla coil is coming along well.  I have the secondary virtually
>done except for mounting the toroid.  The primary forms are done and half of 
>the primary is wound.  It turns out that I'll need well over 50' for this 
>thing.  That means that I will indeed have to do some creative soldering
>to smoothly butt-join the two 50' pieces of 3/8" tubing.

Chip, check at the hardware store for solder couplings for hard copper
There is a size that fits 3/8" soft copper tubing.  I don't recall
what the size
is so take a sample to try.  This makes for a relatively easy
>The notches are ever so slightly more than half so that the tubing snaps into >place.  

That is great.  Mine is held to the combs with monofilament fishing
(Next time).

Mark R. Napier