atmospheric pressure plas

Quoting Ed Harris Re: Atmospheric presure plasma displays: 
slightly "cleaned" up repost.

 EH> This works pretty well if you've got a vacuum pump and are   
 EH> not afraid of an implosion. 

There was an entire chapter called "Tesla Observatories" in the
book I purchased from Thomas Lee, "HIGH VOLTAGE GENERATION WITH
AIR CORE SOLENOIDS". It seemed to be fairly complete and covered
the salvaging of phospors, gas and pressure variations, voltages,
etc.. The author also talked about using "off-the-shelf"
decorator light bulbs for displays, and a vaccum pumped work

 EH> The electrode is driven with "high" frequency current at
 EH> voltage  levels of 10kV or so. By "high" I mean people
 EH> typically use a TV flyback oscillator driven by transistors  
 EH> - like in Ianni's book.... 1Mhz would be interesting-        
 EH> somebody  willing to fry( High SWR) their Ham transmiiter
 EH> should try this! 

What about a small spark gap coil in the 1-2 mHz range, very low
powered, very high frequency? These type coils (especially with a
sealed quenched gap) don't really spark, but produce a lot of

I have tried to fire "decorator" bulbs, but even my smallest coil
at present blows right through the glass.

Richard Quick

... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!